Adventure for Good is everything you might imagine, and yet it still requires work. Here are some of the people behind the scenes that make it possible.


Philip Kiracofe Adventurist

Philip is a seasoned entrepreneur, avid adventurer, and a passionate cause advocate.  He has nearly 20 years of operational leadership experience ranging from venture capital funds, real-estate firms, and numerous web and technology start-ups. Philip has also served as President of the Manhattan Association of Realtors and is on the Board of Directors for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.   He has volunteered with Hands On Disaster Response in Thailand following the 2004 Tsunami, and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. He has also raised and trained a service dog for Canine Companions.  Travelcology is an ambitious effort to demonstrate that the alignment of people, passions and projects can be the most powerful driving force for social change and economic recovery in developing countries.   His athletic endeavors include 2 Ironman triathlons, the Comrades Marathon, and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.  He attended the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado, maintains two base camps (Cape Town and midtown Manhattan), and can be tracked on Plus3 and via Twitter.

Michael Kantor Advisor

With a background in media and advertising, Michael fled television for the unchartered frontier of the internet in 1994. He remembers leaving his cushy job and having co-workers ask, as if it was pure insanity, “you’re going to sell advertising on computers?” Since making that leap, he’s worked for, and helped found, a number of companies including: early search pioneer The McKinley Group, dotcom 1.0 star InfoSpace, eLinkNow, dotcom 2.0 almost star Orgoo, and a few others in between. Between startup’s, he managed to take more than a year off to travel the world. Since 2010 Michael has made several volunteer trips to Haiti and was part of a team that responded to the earthquake in Christchurch. These experiences set Michael on a path towards social entrepreneurship, which led to Travelcology.
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